Prediction of the year or not – Apple to buy Tesla?

Prediction of the year or not – Apple to buy Tesla?

As many of you will have seen there’s a fantastic rumour mill brewing right now around two planetary giants of the PR game…..namely Apple and Tesla.

As an interim executive thats working with #startups these days it never ceases to amaze me how the whole of the tech startups world and its success is built on great predictions or even badly misplaced predictions……so get your ‘laughing gear’ round this so called prediction?

The prediction is that Apple will buy Tesla for $75B in 18 months !

So are you a gambler?…………. Are you up for making a bet on what could be one of the biggest ‘game changers’ in the Tech world and even global business activity right now in terms of business strategy and change?

In one corner is Jason Calcanis, Angel investor, in the other is Simone Brunozzi, who is Vice President & Chief Technologist (global role) for VMware Inc., focusing on Cloud technology (vCloud Air).

The two points of view are as follows – check out the links then place your bet ……APPLE TO BUY TESLA or NOT?

Jason argues:

Simon argues:


What do you think?

Tell me your prediction. Are you voting  for Apple to buy Tesla or not? Or maybe you have another view so tell me your view on that too?

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Nigel is an experienced Board level COO/CEO Level/General Manager of International Businesses with over 20 years experience of working in Telecommunications and over 12 years in Mobile Communications.


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  • Nick Robeson

    Thanks Nigel for a thought provoking blog. Apple has to extend into new markets and an iCar would certainly provide them with this opportunity. I am terrified however by the reality of that given they sold 79million iPhones in China last year it is not becoming a bit 1984!

    • Nigel Hall

      I think we’ve been living the 1984 world for a while Nick 🙂 Re the article – Theres even an argument here for me that says Tesla could even buy Apple at some point in the future… THAT would be a fascinating opportunity !