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Interim Management; flexible resourcing for a flexible economy

Interim Management; flexible resourcing for a flexible economy

Recent market demand for many operating in the interim space has been challenging to say the least. Perhaps the current lower level of demand is possibly even the new longer term “norm”.

So what is the value of interim management for an increasingly uncertain economy where businesses continually need to be flexible and how can businesses take full advantage of the flexibility that is available?

Organisations have to deal with continuing uncertainty and change; restructuring, scaling down of operations etc, and overall develop greater flexibility to support improved performance.

Arguably interim management is a key element to developing flexibility within any business providing expertise on demand.

Where impact and results are needed quickly interim managers have the capacity to inject specialist experience, if not specific skills, often based on many years diverse acquired knowledge resulting in readily transferable intellectual property inherent in the individual interim managers make up.

By consequence of how they operate an interim manager is, if nothing else, flexible by default. Typically this translates into a capacity to assimilate an understanding of issues quickly without worrying about the pressures of the “duties” inherent with the job description of a full time exec. This results in more immediate focus on the task in hand, concentration of time on that task and hence quicker delivery of results which potentially feed the innovation a company needs if it is to thrive.

When they are done, they are done. The investment return is immediate and there are no lingering costs to account for as the interim manager’s flexibility means they move on immediately having handed back to the business an innovation based activity that now becomes a business as usual continuum.

Equally the cost consequence is clearer, fully defined and distinct. No NI for the business, no perks to factor in, no sickness or holiday or training costs to be accounted for, no politics to consider, etc.

In short the “price tag” you see is what you pay.

So in summary a business gets precise and dedicated skills, no hidden costs, focused application to the task at hand with no distractions and maximum flexibility that any astute business would do well to take advantage of.