Businesses Should Fail and a Second Recession is Inevitable

Businesses Should Fail and a Second Recession is Inevitable

The CBI’s gloomy predictions, albeit their suggestion, that we will avoid another dip into recession provide little in the way of vision, focus or motivation for UK plc. Clearly not an economist, I fail to understand why we remain fixated about avoiding what has been happening since Noah boarded the Arc: peaks and troughs. Not every sector is in decline either and I can not understand the UK’s fixation to wallow in the negative rather than stress the positive behaviour of many UK businesses.

I have seen businesses in true crisis and those businesses who are delivering extraordinary results in what will remain to be a very difficult climate over the next 3- 5 years. Perhaps we should start to talk ourselves out of recession rather than languishing in the constant flow of bad news. In February I met with a number of businesses who have reported stunning performance and of course some that have not. Much of the success can be put down to strong leadership and innovation, much of the failure can be placed at the organisations shareholders who either feel impotent or at the mercy of the banks.

Comments on the recent CBI survey:
The UK will avoid a double dip recession, the employers organisation the CBI says, but two surveys suggest the economy may worsen.

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