When to Use Interims

During Change, Transformation or Crisis
Organisations tend to use interim executives to improve systems and processes, up-skill teams, lead transformation programmes, or bring onboard much-needed strategic guidance during periods of change. It’s also an efficient way of acquiring niche expertise that would otherwise take months or years to develop organically or to hire permanently.
Interim Executives can be brought in to cover maternity leave or long-term illness too, negating the need for costly short-term recruitment solutions.

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Video Transcript
If for any reason you are unable to view this video, please find below a transcript of the content:
Clients will typically use interim executives as a flexible resource so it may be that they don’t need those skills on a more permanent basis because it’s a project or it’s a defined piece of work that they want the interim to work on so it allows them to bring in the skills they need at a time that they need them.
From time to time clients recognise that have a gap in competence within their senior management team. They will typically bring interim executives on board that provide a rapid and cost effective solution to work on issues such as change management, crisis management and also to work on large-scale projects.
“The client relationships that Hemming Robeson have sets them apart from other providers who operate in a more ‘contract’ based environment.”
Jimmy Garnier – Interim Executive
Transcript of Lisa Hobbs, Director Hemming Robeson talking about ‘When to use Interim Executives’