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Why do we Psychometrically Test Our Interims?

To complement our in-depth assessment process of the experience and capabilities of our interims, we conduct a psychometric test with PROPHET Profiling, before they are presented to our clients. The results of the psychometric allow us to understand how the interim will fit with the organisation and approach their role. We share the key outputs of the PROPHET Profile with our clients via the interim’s profile page at shortlist stage.


PROPHET has been developed by a Firm of advisers on business relationships to Executives and Boards since 1996.

PROPHET is a business-focused profiling tool that helps individuals to understand their strengths in a commercial context and how they can bring value to their organisation.

PROPHET helps individuals to understand who best can complement them; helps teams understand how to get the best from everyone and the right relationships to enhance performance significantly; and helps organisations understand the potential of their people to execute business strategy.

The Business Stages

PROPHET examines your preference for activities at four stages of business; it looks at the extent to which you prefer Creative activities or to Design, Operate or Improve.

PROPHET is built on a left to right business process: coming up with new ideas, turning them into workable plans, delivering on these plans and improving and fixing any mistakes. Of course, once this process has been completed effectively, it is time for the next important idea and the process starts again. PROPHET helps people to understand when it is time to leverage their own preferences and when it is time to leverage others.

PROPHET Role Alignment

Each of these four stages is mapped against the PROPHET schema, made up of 16 different business activities that a successful business is likely to need.
PROPHET Profiling Psychometric Infographic


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