The Great British Menu – Deconstructing Talent Management?

The Great British Menu – Deconstructing Talent Management?

An avid watcher of the Great British Menu, as 24 chefs battle it out to cook gastronomic masterpieces that are witty and fun,I’ve heard the term “deconstructed dishes” over and over again. So, I decided to find out what it means.

It is apparently a take on a saying coined by the French Philosopher, Jacques Derrida and means taking the foods that are normally combined in the dish apart, understanding the core ingredients, changing their forms, and then plating them together in a different way. It’s not just about taking the dish apart, but putting its elements back together in a more relevant way.

It got me thinking that if we applied the same approach to HR issues it might prove quite entertaining, so in my new series of articles I am going to “deconstruct” a number of HR’s Hot Recipes such as Talent Management, Organisational Development, Performance Management and Managing Sickness Absence – stripping them back to their core elements and thinking about whether we could put them back together in a slightly different way.

The first subject on the menu is Talent Management which is the requirement and plan for human capital that an organisation needs to have in place in order to achieve it’s strategy and plans.

Talent Management (TM) sits at the more strategic end of the HR continuum and companies who put their weight behind it can quickly see a clear line of sight between people development and improvement of the effectiveness of the firm. I’ve noticed that there has been an increase in the number of TM Director roles being advertised quite recently leading me to speculate that some larger UK businesses are beginning to get themselves read for growth…

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