The Interim Executive Viewpoint (video)

A select group of interim executives registered with Hemming Robeson gives us their views on interim management, delivery of assignments and an insight into how they work.


Video Transcript
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Interim Executive Viewpoint – Our Interim Executives discuss the benefits of using interim executives

Kathryn Riley – Interim Human Resource Director
Interim for me is all about delivery – that you have to go into that organisation and whatever happens, you have to deliver.

Ann Conway-Hughes – Interim CEO/Director
It’s important that you take it seriously and you actually do deliver.

Kelvin Williams – Interim Executive
As an interim you are the guy, you have to implement and I think we are saying the same thing. But it’s this sitting across the desk, as opposed to sitting on the same side of the desk, is how I would see an interim’s role.

Richard Hancock – Interim Director
I just feel that as an interim I am independent. I am paid for my experience, and paid for my independence. Sometimes that isn’t saying what everyone else is saying, it is pointing out the ugly truth.

Kathryn Riley – Interim Human Resource Director
Because you are a singleton and it’s your ground, so if you didn’t deliver that’s it, that’s your loss. Whereas if you are in a big consultancy firm or you are working as part of something else, you are not at the sharp end.

Richard Eastmond – Interim Executive
I’ve brought in interims as interregnums to lead businesses, on maternity cover and then for specific change projects and I think different businesses need them for different times of their cycle.

Kevan Robinson – Interim IT Director
The interim goes into do a specific job, do it well and then leave, and leave the place in a better state than when you arrived. So it’s absolute commitment from the interim as I see it.

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Lisa has worked within the interim management industry for over a decade and has built an extensive track record of providing clients with experienced, senior level interim executives. She is married with a young son and regularly gives up her time to support her local community raising funds and awareness.


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