For interim managers, things are looking up!

For interim managers, things are looking up!

If you’re an interim manager working in 2014 it seems life is good and on the up for most. In Hemming Robeson’s snapshot poll which our senior executives participated in, the response was overwhelmingly positive with 88% of interim managers being more positive about the economic climate as we head in to 2014.

It seems that in 2013 green shoots started appearing as three-quarters of our interim executives deemed 2013 a success in terms of assignment activity levels. That experience mirrors the increase in activity seen from clients which has continued in to the first quarter of 2014…and long may it continue!

We also asked our interim managers about two key areas that we think are key to success on assignment; not-with-standing the ability of the interim. The first was having a clearly defined brief, which always evolves as further discussions about the role take place. A significant 93% thought this was important, as otherwise interims may struggle to deliver and execute upon an ill defined brief. The other key area is stakeholder engagement, which a staggering 98% said was key. Interim managers need to have the support of their sponsor and need to bring the team with them to ensure they deliver swiftly and accurately.

Finally, we very bravely (or foolhardily?!) asked our interims whether they were happy with the levels of communication from us. We strive to get a balance between, useful emails and calls and we are pleased to announce that 93% are happy with levels of communication with us… we are working on the other 7%!

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Lisa has worked within the interim management industry for over a decade and has built an extensive track record of providing clients with experienced, senior level interim executives. She is married with a young son and regularly gives up her time to support her local community raising funds and awareness.


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