Olympic lessons for business growth and success?

In the last week we have seen what happens when we combine commitment to hard work; investment in facilities, coaches and infrastructure; and an unshakable belief that we can win by everyone involved. Contrast that with the performance of our UK business sector. Yes, I’m sure there is no shortage of commitment to hard work, but we also know that companies are sitting on a huge pile of cash which they are unwilling to use for investment because they either don’t believe they can win or are caught in the headlights of possible failure. If there are individuals in boardrooms campaigning for investment they seem to be doing it pretty quietly. Or perhaps ‘group-think’ has taken over to the point where fear of failure simply ends up denying us success.

Perhaps the interim community as a whole should be more assertive about the role we can play in rebuilding economic success. We are obviously not a silver bullet, but we do represent some of the world-class support capability available to businesses and maybe we should be saying rather more to promote it. 

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