Open season for head-hunters on Yahoo’s female executives

Open season for head-hunters on Yahoo’s female executives

Today is National Women’s Day…whoopy do, fanfair, drum role etc, followed by usual round of “women are great”, “how do I break through the glass ceiling”, “FTSE has less women now than last year” etc articles that do little to showcase the awesome female talent that exists on this planet.

The classic for me was the Yahoo CEO last week telling all staff that home working was no longer an option. She has been applauded by some and denounced by others, but the most telling comment was that she did this as she had to make a grand statement to impress her Wall Street stakeholders (all of whom i suspect are men) by way of showing whose boss and that she means business.

The interesting thing for me is that there exists a layer of female talent desparate to engage with large corporates are those that having done 8-10 years, left to start a family and now with little Jonny and Martha at school want to reengage. Home working, flexi-working or what ever name you wish to give it allows these highly talented EXPERIENCED executives to engage.

Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg were out today strutting their stuff about “Lock Downs (Facebook)” and “Work-from Home Bans(Yahoo)” All very Alpha Male in my opinion.

Well guess what ladies….you have just opened your doors up for head-hunters all over the world to approach all your talented female (and male) executives who deliver huge value to your organisation whilst at the same time raising families or caring for a member of their family because you provided them with the option of working from home.

I can see the likes of Microsoft (whose diversity policy has created an awesome senior management team in recent years) looking very closely at who they could hire from you at a time when frankly Facebook and Yahoo need to do a lot more than fill up the desks of thier prime real-estate to deliver customer and shareholder value.

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