Tail wags dog in attempt to deceive public from real crisis

It’s difficult not to be amused by Alan Johnson MP leading a public assault on the Leadership of UK businesses. Politicians of any persuasion should perhaps reflect on their own leadership qualities first before throwing stones at their ultimate paymaster. None of today’s politicians would make the shortlist to run any sizeable business in the UK or anywhere else for that matter and yet to protect their own impotence at the hands of the financial services sector and the ongoing euro crisis they have the audacity to join the newspapers in perhaps the most obvious period of spin in recent years.

Have we forgotten who actually pays for what here? Unless I am mistaken business generates the income for government from which the public sector sets its budgets. Our last government lived the highlife, selling key assets, over investing and building an infrastructure in an attempt to gain popularity. This government is attempting to grab hold of the reins but the reins are strapped to an animal it is unable to control.

Perversely the remedy to our economic woes lies in the need to create an environment where business can flourish. Yet despite all the smooth patter
from MP’s very little of any note is being done by government to stimulate the UK economy.

In response to article on the BBC website:

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