Is the Third Sector taking full advantage of Interim Management skills?

Is the Third Sector taking full advantage of Interim Management skills?

The Charity sector is incredibly fortunate to be able to take advantage of the current supply over demand crisis that is impacting the Interim Management sector. Historically they were unable to attract the leading freelance executives as fees were often outside their scope of vision. However, with many interim executives willing to slash their fees to compete with Executives who find themselves recently redundant this opens an opportune window for the third sector to exploit.

There is no doubt that the Third sector remains in desperate need to modernise and continually improve efficiency as the box shakers find it harder to squeeze cash from the public and large donations, many often from those pariahs the Bankers have dried up due to this extended and long yet to end period of austerity. Interim executives can deliver exactly the tonic required but inexperienced buyers of this service are likely to find themselves no further forward and far worse off if they do not hire experienced interim’s rather than those very persuasive, well meaning executives, desperately seeking work.

I am not a great believer in survey’s and statistics that claim a company is doing really well, or that its a bubble to be taken advantage of. Those with true integrity will be interested in one thing alone and that is that these worthy organisations in the Third Sector receive the best executives at the best value to solve the management task at hand.

In response to the recent Guardian article on interim management:

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Nick has built a reputation over 15 years as a leading protagonist in the Interim Management industry. He has started, bought, rebranded and sold interim management businesses. He is now focusing his attention exclusively at Board and Head of Function level.


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